High-Performance Online Marketing for Metal Suppliers

How to Increase Your Visibility and Grow Your Metal Supply Company

Word-of-mouth has long been one of the most powerful marketing tools for a metal supply company, but in today’s world, digital marketing for metal suppliers has become a crucial piece of sustaining — and growing — your business. In this article, we’ll show how an efficient website for a metal supplier along with other forms of online marketing for metal suppliers can boost your customer base and ensure you’re getting the most for your marketing dollars.

What is Digital Marketing for Metal Suppliers?

Digital marketing for metal suppliers is harnessing the power of digital media — websites, social media, ads, educational content, etc. — to promote a metal supply business.

You may be asking yourself why do metal suppliers need digital marketing when their reputation and products should speak for themselves? In simple terms, visibility. With smartphones in everyone’s pockets and laptops/desktops in every office, it’s logical that the first step we take before purchasing any item is to look up the company we’re considering — even when they’ve been referred to us by another customer. Perhaps we search for metal supplier near me or want specific information about a company.

Internet marketing for metal suppliers involves many facets, and while there’s not a one-size-fits all solution, there are many tools you can use to increase your visibility and convert prospects into customers. As one of the best marketing firms in Chicago for metal suppliers, our company can provide additional guidance or answer questions you may have about marketing your metal supply business.

Provide a Great User Experience on Your Metal Supply Company Website

If you’re here wondering ‘How do I promote my steel business?’, your first stop is what may seem like the obvious path: your website. A website is the foundation of your marketing plan, providing potential customers with a first impression and allowing them to gather needed info. But not all websites are created equal — or get equal results.

All metal supply companies that have an easy-to-use site are better able to engage their prospects. If it’s slow to load, difficult to navigate, or hard to read, your visitors will bounce off the page and go back to searching, ultimately finding your competitors. What your website says and how the content is presented is equally important. Make sure your headlines and tagline stand out and draw the eye in. Choose 2-3 colors to use — more can be distracting. Keep your body text just big enough to easily read, and be sure to put in appropriate blank space (white space) so that it’s not visually overwhelming and the focus stays on your message.

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, you’re undoubtedly losing potential customers. Smartphones are becoming one of the main sources of internet searches, but websites are not automatically set up to load correctly on mobile devices. Your website for metal suppliers needs to be optimized for mobile users to ensure you don’t lose potential business. So when you need website marketing for a metal supplier, make sure you find a digital marketing service for metal suppliers specifically — they’ll know what your customers need to see on a site.

Include and Describe All the Types of Metal You Offer

Optimizing your site for the words that your potential customers will use when they search the internet is a major key to successful digital marketing for metal suppliers. By including the names of all the types of metal you offer your customers, you’ll be able to increase your ranking on search engines. This approach, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), requires some work on the backend of your website that a digital marketing agency can help with, but you can add keywords to your existing or new content to cover one major part of the process.

So what are keywords and how do you know which ones to use? Keywords are the most commonly used search terms that people who could be potential customers will use when searching for metal suppliers. There are various free and paid options for how to find the most frequently used keywords, but getting an in depth report will help you get the best results.

For example, many visitors will have searched for metal suppliers near me, but they may also get more specific such as stainless steel suppliers, weathering steel suppliers, or even as specific as bronze sheet metal suppliers. Perhaps you are an all metal supply company and provide everything under the sun; list them out anyways. You want the user who’s looking for anything from alloy steel suppliers, brass metal suppliers to galvanized steel suppliers to be directed to your site.

Speciality shops really benefit from specific keywords. If you’re a specialized wrought iron fence supplier or one of few ornamental iron suppliers, optimizing your content and website — title tags, meta descriptions, and picture descriptions — for those search terms will put you above pages that only rank for more general terms. Don’t be afraid to show your stuff and let your customers know exactly how you can help them!

Modern and Competitive Web Design for Metal Suppliers

Have you ever visited a website that looked like it was pasted together on a do-it-yourself platform, didn’t smoothly align or load, or didn’t catch your eye at all to leave a lasting (positive) impression? You’re not alone, but your site doesn’t need to fall into that hole — with a modern and competitive website design for metal suppliers you’ll stand out and consistently be able to attract leads all while you focus on your day-to-day operations. Don’t forget that so much the customer base is now shifting to millennials, and they expect modern and efficient digital interactions. Word of mouth may have been enough in the past, but today the way we choose where to spend our money involves digital mediums.

A competitive website for metal supply companies will not only help readers know what you do and see all of your services, but your content should show them that you understand their needs AND show them who you are as people and as a company. After all, we want to work with people who make a genuine connection that fosters trust and friendly interactions. As discussed above, a modern and competitive website for metal suppliers will have a targeted SEO plan that makes sure your website doesn’t get buried behind your competitors. After all, a beautiful website with even the best user experience won’t be effective if it’s not seen.

Not sure where to start? Take a look around and find sites you like and reach out to a digital marketing company for metal suppliers to collaborate on a modern website that will put you above the competition and help turn readers into customers.

Resources to Help Your Promote Your Metal Supply Business

When looking at marketing for metal suppliers, it’s important to collaborate with a metal supplier advertising agency that understands your industry and can tailor your website to be fast, modern, rank high on search engines, and contain all the info your users will need. Marketing services for metal suppliers should be familiar with what it takes to attract customers in the metal supply field and what type of marketing for metal suppliers can get you the best return on your spending. For example, reviews are a great marketing tool, and a well setup social media page and website are a great place to showcase them. Offering educational content that can be posted to your social media accounts as well as your website, ultimately improving your SEO score, will provide value and build trust for individuals and businesses who use your metal supply products This content can be in the form of social media posts, blog posts, white pages, or tutorials, and it should be written with the customer in mind — show them that you understand their needs and have the skills to be the solution.

How about videos? They can be a great tool in marketing for metal suppliers. Some processes and machining can be hard for customers to understand, so a video can easily help showcase and explain your expertise, capabilities, and products. Be sure to show the results that a customer can expect. Don’t feel confident in shooting a steady, well edited video? Look for marketing services for metal suppliers that have someone on their team that can help affordably shoot, edit, and post the video to your website for metal suppliers and your social media pages. Read on to find out additional marketing tactics can help promote your metal supply business even further.

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How Can Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Help a Metal Supply Company?

Another important piece of online advertising for metal suppliers are digital ads, most specifically PPC ads. If you’re not familiar with PPC for metal suppliers, these types of ads appear at the top of a webpage when a potential customer does a search for a metal supply company or a specific type of metal they need. The PPC ads create such a large impact because they are the very first thing a potential customer sees, and they can be targeted to your local area as well as to a specific type of customer. You won’t spend one price for the PPC ad; you will only be charged when a reader clicks on your ad, thus allowing you to target your ideal customer without needing to throw money in a million different directions.

But it’s not always as easy to effectively implement PPC for metal suppliers as it may seem. It’s fast and flexible, but the ad will need to fit within the guidelines from the search engines, it will need to be optimized with keywords, catch your prospects attention quickly with good content, and continue to be tweaked in order to get conversions not just clicks. Instead of spending your valuable time researching and learning the ins and outs of PPC, this is one area where it is definitely beneficial to hire a marketing service to help with online advertising for metal suppliers.
But just how much do metal suppliers spend on PPC? It will vary due to the inherent fluctuating costs of the ads and how many clicks you get, but a complete PPC advertising campaign for metal suppliers will need bid management, monitoring for conversions, reporting, and support.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) for Metal Suppliers

Social media has become a normal part of many of your potential customers’ lives, and your business should be a part of their feed. And even when a prospect doesn’t normally use social media platforms, your social media pages will show up when they perform a google search. Social media for metal suppliers is a way to showcase reviews, provide company info, keep your current customers up to date on the latest in the industry, promote new products, and show your expertise. Some platforms that typically benefit metal supply companies are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In Chicago, our social media agency helps metal suppliers set up their accounts, optimize their pages, create and post content, and grow your followers. Social media for metal suppliers also helps you engage with customers by responding to their comments and questions. Online marketing for metal suppliers is a key part of growing and sustaining business in the ever changing, modern business world, and social media can be an impactful part of your overall marketing plan.

By implementing some of the above tactics and forming a targeted digital marketing plan, you can not only increase your leads but also get leads that are more likely to become customers. If you’re looking for high-performance online marketing for metal suppliers, you’ve found it — our Chicago-based SEO agency provides digital marketing services for metal suppliers with guaranteed results. Reach out to discuss how we can help your metal supply business stand out from the competition. Our team is ready to help you grow!

Our team is ready to help you grow!