High-Performance Online Marketing for Logistics Companies

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace and Grow Your Logistics Business

Why is online marketing for logistics companies more important now than ever? The world has undoubtedly shifted, and businesses are hyper-aware of the importance of a well-functioning supply chain to keep their products moving quickly. So it makes perfect sense that just as you are likely engaging with a company digitally when making a purchase for yourself personally, through reviews, their website, emails, social media, etc., B2B customers now do the same long before they reach out to your logistics company. They research, compare, and make conclusions about your company from the quality of your digital presence — or lack thereof.

In this article, you’ll learn about marketing in the logistics industry and how a targeted, modern website for logistics companies along with other forms of online marketing for logistics companies will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What is Digital Marketing for Logistics Companies?

Digital marketing for logistics companies keeps your company visible to potential customers and showcases your expertise and experience as a logistics company, ultimately convincing a prospect to reach out to your team.

What are some examples of digital marketing for logistics companies? The foundation is a high-functioning, SEO optimized website for logistics companies — and it can make or break whether a potential customer continues to look into your services or moves on to your competition. Content marketing for logistics companies is an avenue that allows you to highlight your thought leadership, showing you are a trusted expert in logistics. Other crucial tools can be PPC ads for logistics companies, social media marketing, and Google local services ads. But it doesn’t end there — continue reading for a deeper look at why logistics and digital marketing must be combined, what these digital tools can offer, and how you can implement them for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Provide a Great User Experience on Your Logistics Company Website

Website marketing for a logistic company is one of the most important tools in a digital marketing campaign, but if your site doesn’t meet certain standards, it can hinder rather than help your goals. When a visitor can easily find what they’re looking for, doesn’t have to wait for pages, videos, and graphics to load, and is drawn in by the content and color of the site, they’re interest in your logistics company should grow. A website for logistic companies should also have all necessary components if it will be used for clients to login and manage services. These will require management and back end work from a qualified digital marketing service for logistics companies.

Having a website with basic info and a basic design is no longer enough to keep visitors interested long enough to contact you. A website for logistics companies that feels clunky, isn’t well organized, or doesn’t appeal to the senses can actually put you further behind your competition. Potential customers want to see that your process and technology is smooth and efficient and that you’re keeping up with today’s times.

Don’t forget that as society has shifted into using mobile devices as much or if not more often than a desktop or laptop, your website will need to load to fit mobile devices. When the font doesn’t line up, important information can get cut off. When the design, videos, or infographics are slow to load on a phone or tablet, visitors won’t stick around and may lose trust that your logistics company can operate smooth technology and operations.

Include and Describe All the Logistics ServicesYou Can Provide

It may seem obvious that a visitor to your website for logistics companies would want to know all the logistics services you can provide, but it goes deeper than just making sure visitors have all the necessary information. By including the names and descriptions of all the logistics services you provide, you’re incorporating keywords into your content.

Keywords are the words that are most often used by consumers when they conduct a search on the internet. For example, they may search for a ‘transport logistics company’, ‘inventory management’, ‘inbound logistics’, or ‘outbound logistics’. If you provide these services and your website is optimized for those as well as other keywords, your site will rank higher on the page of the search engine results. This is a key component of Search Engine Marketing for logistics companies, also known as SEO. These keywords are also important when it comes to title tags, meta descriptions, and photo descriptions for your website, so make sure you’re applying all the best SEO practices.

What if you specialize in a certain type of logistics? Perhaps you focus on transport freight solutions or reverse logistics. Trucking logistics and truck shipping companies are in high demand. Your readers may ask ‘what are transport services’ or ‘truck logistics company near me’? You’ll want your site to pop up as one of the top transport and logistics companies.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a long list of services to incorporate — you have the advantage of being able to optimize your website to reach a very specific customer and rank above all the generalists.

Modern and Competitive Web Design for Logistic Companies

What makes a website for logistic companies modern and competitive? Website marketing for logistics services above all needs to show visitors that technology is a priority for you. If your website is outdated, not optimized for SEO, or doesn’t load smoothly, a visitor will know right off the bat that you are behind the times and won’t feel trust in your ability to manage the complexities of their logistics needs.

You have a plethora of options of elements to incorporate, and you don’t want to overdo it, but using the ones that provide benefit will help your readers stay on the page and be more inclined to connect further.

Font: It’s not just what you say, it’s how it’s seen. It’s crucial to use an easy-to-read font, but you can also incorporate a font with a little style in your largest headlines that shows your logistic company’s style. A good copywriter and website designer will know how to make the font work to your advantage.

Videos: A well executed video can quickly give site visitors the key points about your services. It also creates a feel and a visual ‘face’ for your logistics company. But they’re not only there for introductions — they can be a great way to show your process. Just be sure to work with a qualified digital marketing services for a logistics company that understands not only how to incorporate a professional video but that also understands what your potential customers need to hear to build trust and intrigue.

Menu Layout: There’s no doubt a well-organized menu on your website for logistics companies is key to helping readers navigate your website, but they can often take up valuable visual space. By using a hamburger menu, a menu that has to be clicked to provide drop down options, you can easily resolve this issue.

Pictures and Infographics: You don’t want your logistics site to be full of photos or infographics as they can slow down your site loading, but incorporating a few relevant ones is important to break up your text as well as showcase your brand. Infographics are a fun way to show the benefits they’ll see from all your logistics services or to show the supply chain process.

Customer Support: Potential and current customers don’t want to waste valuable time waiting on hold on the phone. By having a smooth customer contact form or instant messaging application right on your site, your users are much more likely to reach out — and stick around.

Resources to Help Your Promote Your Logistics Business

Digital marketing for logistics companies can get complex, but it doesn’t have to eat into your valuable time or cause headaches. By working with the resources and experts in the digital marketing field, you’ll get the most out of your marketing dollars and be able to focus on what you do best.

Work with a logistics SEO agency that knows how to optimize your site on the front and back end to rank high on search engine results. After all, you can have the best website for logistic companies out there, but if it doesn’t get seen when a consumer is searching for a logistics company, it’s not really doing its job.

Using an advertising agency for a logistics company can help you implement a cost-effective PPC campaign as well as any email marketing you may use. And a full-service digital marketing agency for logistic companies will be able to help with content marketing, social media marketing, website design, and more.

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How Can Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Help a Logistics Company?

PPC for logistics companies can help you get ultimate visibility on search engines. PPC are ads that appear at the top of the search results, and since PPC ads are the first thing a user sees, they can have a great impact on sales. But they differ from traditional ads in that you’ll only pay for the ad when a user clicks on it. The costs aren’t cut and dry since the competition for those keywords and industry will help set the price-per-click and the market does fluctuate. But the biggest draw of this form of internet advertising for logistics companies is that when managed and optimized, PPC allows you to target your marketing dollars towards your ideal customers instead of spending money on those who aren’t even interested.

PPC for logistics companies should also be targeted to reach your local area as well as the customers who need your specific services. Your ads will need to follow the search engine guidelines, have the optimized list of keywords, and have copy that compels people to click on the ad.

Marketing in the logistics industry shouldn’t have to weigh you down — financially or otherwise. An advertising agency that is skilled in PPC for logistics companies will continue to tweak your ads to ensure you get conversions instead of just clicks. Connect with a skilled agency to get your ad campaign up and running smoothly.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) for Logistics Companies

So what is the role of social media in digital marketing? Social media definitely isn’t just for pictures of family adventures or cute pets. In fact, when leveraged properly, social media for logistics companies can significantly benefit small and large companies. Most often, you’ll be using popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And the key to using all of those sites is posting fresh, high-quality content on a frequent basis.

That no doubt takes time and commitment, but you don’t have to do it alone. It can be much more cost effective to work with a social media agency for logistics companies. They should have proven experience in managing campaigns that get results through targeted content, tactics, and outreach.

What types of content should you post for effective social media marketing for logistics companies? Link to any blog articles you post on your website, highlight customer reviews, infographics that show how you increased efficiency for your customers, employee spotlights, videos of your processes, or even questions that create comments and engagement.

Harness the Ultimate Power of Online Marketing for Logistics Companies

You’ve now seen that digital marketing for logistics companies is a key part of reaching new customers and retaining current ones. If you don’t have an in house marketing team, don’t have the extra time it takes to implement a campaign, or aren’t getting results with your current efforts, connect with us today. We’re experienced in all things logistics and digital marketing.

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