Life Logistics Group Case Study

LifeLogisticsGroup is a cargo-delivery company. It employs various trucks to deliver all types of goods from prime materials to temperature-sensitive food & medicine. LifeLogisticGroup’s target market comprises businesses that need a solid and abled logistic solution.

The Challenge

LifeLogisticsGroup had no previous website. All their business came from calls and word of mouth. They were unaware of the vast advertising pool which would elevate their business. With no former platform, we would have to start from a blank state such as logo design, branding, website, content, social presence, and HR.


First, we needed to go over the issues of design. The target audience prefers a slick and user-friendly interface to quickly maneuver about while the logo plants a memorable seed. Both businesses and individuals are people short on time so every block must prove impactful.


“What he had going on wasn’t sustainable as a long-term solution. We heard a lot of businesses going online and enjoying immense success. There were also cases where investments didn’t pay off. We needed a team of professionals that would modernize everything for us. ” – said [name] – the [important position] at LifeLogisticsGroup.


Second, before jumping into making people on social media aware of LifeLogisticsGroup and their services, we needed to get the website up and running. A traditional code-written application would fail as the client prefers something non-tech people could manage after the contract is finished.

The Result

To entirely fulfill the client’s needs, we opted for a content management system (CMS) website which is easy to pick up. This allows the LifeLogisticsGroup team to effortlessly add or remove content from their website down the line. WordPress applications also deliver good results in SEO, content load & display.


After setting up the framework, our copywriters proceeded to create quality content in line with best website practices. Placing in the top ranks on google requires a mix of keywords usage, subject knowledge, and a clean domain. Several proofreads later, LifeLogisticsGroup ranked in the top four when searching for transportation businesses in the area.


The first few months are the hardest for a social media campaign. However, our team devised a meticulous marketing plan that attracted customers the first day. To aid LifeLogisticsGroup in managing all their channels, we have wired all contact points to their CRM. Now, the business can easily track which medium benefits them the most.


After dart-throwing ideas onto the board and measuring the client’s reaction, our designer started working on the rendering. Suites of photo-editing software conjoined with dexterous hands engendered LifeLogisitcsGroup’s new face.

Site Design

A happy client is one whose needs and wants have been committed to. Countless meetings enabled the customer to express feedback at every step.

1. Meeting

2. Sitemap

3. Feedback

4. Home page design

5. Feedback

6. Other pages design

7. Feedback


To-the-point, crisp, and meaningful content is the result of scrutinizing proofreading. The texts are nothing more than ideas shared by regular employees and customer testimonials, albeit with a little bit of dressing.

Site creation

While the writer’s quill engraves letters to words and words to sentences, our engineers are plugging in the WordPress machine. The site is accessible by all devices: phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Additionally, optimization works made sure that LifeLogisticsGroup’s website loads fast and is secure.

lifelogistics home page


The social media plan devised to quickstart LifeLogisticsGroup’s online presence is void of bland advertising. Instead, our team opted to bring engaging content catering to certain market segments.


Certain keywords will appear often on the page. This is the result of various research and optimization to display relevant advertising while reducing costs.