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Headquartered in Chicago, IL, we offer our unique idea-based approach to ground-up business development across the world. This is compounded by our Eastern European teams who broaden our creative horizons to where we can go from strategy to technical support and testing in minimal time. While we pride ourselves on being one of the top digital marketing firms in Chicago, we aim to help clients all over the world reach their full business potential.

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Optimize Your Online Presence with High-Level Web Design and Development

An informative, easy-to-use, and efficient web design can be your most powerful marketing, lead-gen, and conversion asset. It serves as the face of your business and can make or break a potential customer’s first impression of your brand.

We combine an efficient layout with super-simple navigation and direct yet convincing messaging to create a streamlined visitor experience. Using our engaging and creative design language, we turn visitors into leads, and leads into buyers. Plus, your site comes with a ton of tools and plugins that let you monitor each aspect of its performance.

Drive Digital Growth with Tailored Marketing Strategies

We help generate not only traffic, but also actual returns for your marketing investment. Our strategies are tailored to your short, medium, and long-term goals with solid outcomes and ROI in mind.

We use high-level analytics and monitoring tools to constantly measure performance over the lifetime of the objective. This ensures that your marketing campaign generates numbers on which you can base your company’s growth and development.

Recent Projects

Olaru Construction

Olaru Construction and Remodeling uncover new Growth opportunities with our Groundbreaking Web Design and Development.
January 16, 2023

Select Surfaces

Providing online gloss finish to the select homeowners’ natural stone countertops select manufacturer
November 12, 2020

Granite & Stone Leaders

Carving a fine-tuned web-app for a leader in natural stone fabrication and installation, adorning it with branding, logo and promotion
November 12, 2020

Superb Surfaces & Design

Appending an online image to the technologically advanced and robotics focused natural stone manufacturers
November 12, 2020

Granite Empire

Using targeted marketing tactics, including paid ads, content marketing, and reputation management, we’ve helped numerous stone shops attract more leads, and most importantly, convert them into customers.

See how we helped Granite Empire boost their bottom line.

Here’s what out clients have to say about us

I have worked with EBS Agency on my project. They designed and developed my logistics website, and then digital marketing services. The website design is modern, up to current marketing trends, brings us qualified divers and owner-operators. They are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do, since working with them we saw great results in bringing traffic to our website. Highly recommend working with EBS Agency team, they know how to deliver on time and care about your results.


Dumitru Sofroni

CEO of Life Logistics Group inc

Our young and nimble team of strategic marketing specialists and creative thinkers will build, reinvent and improve your online presence

By creating engaging digital products, we empower entrepreneurs and brands all around the US to build a solid online base, accelerate growth, get more clients, and generate the most ROI.


Experienced. Strategic. Creative.

We take your business as seriously as you do. Our team of diverse experts empower businesses all over the U.S. to build a strong online foundation, attract more customers, and get the maximum return on their investment.

Our creative process

We at EBS Agency believe in having a method to the creative madness (and our creative process reflects that)! Here’s how we help boost engagement, improve conversions, and bring more paying leads to you.


In-Depth Research

We comb through your current process and analyze data on your entire marketing infrastructure. This lets us determine what has worked for you in the past, what works for your competitors, and what will work for you going forward. Our data sets open up a world of marketing possibilities and we single out the ones that match your goals.


Tailored Strategy

We develop a strategy that’s unique to your growth needs, using the data that we collected. Considering the available resources, we set up a complete long and short-term strategy that considers the big picture for ROI but also pays attention to little details for immediate customer acquisition.



We work with you to map out the entire process from start to finish. We show you what kind of results you can expect with each marketing tool, and we demonstrate how to use said tool. To make sure you’re always on the right path, we set up guidance systems in the form of performance monitoring to ensure everything goes to plan.


Design and Development

We create an online presence that will bring people to you, engage them with your message, immerse them into your story, and convince them to become customers. Our high-performing websites can help your customers navigate through the buyer’s journey much quicker, leading to better returns, more loyal customers, and a much better user experience overall.



We put the whole thing into effect with a fully formed site, supported by multiple marketing channels, all built around a central brand message that’s based on your vision. No matter how complex the marketing plan is, we make sure that you have all the support you need and your objectives are completely reachable in the set time frame.


Monitoring and Optimization

We continue to look at data for insights into how to increase your growth performance over the coming days, weeks, and months. Based on how well your business performs over a period of time, we make adjustments to the website and individual marketing channels for better results overall. Our suite of tools makes it easy to optimize in real time, without any downtime for our clients.

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Our creative tools

The digital marketing space has a suite of tools that allow for a holistic marketing approach. At EBS, we believe in leveraging the most impactful, sustainable, and lucrative ones.

We center our strategic input around the following digital marketing tools:


Content Marketing

Your marketing returns will only be as good as your marketing efforts, and the quality of your marketing “efforts” is determined by the quality of your content. It’s no surprise that marketers live by the rule of “Content is King.”


Your content is the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. We make sure that your content engages, informs, and builds trust in potential leads. Our expert content marketing teams ensure that you put out the right message at the right time and place for maximum brand affinity and conversion.


Our content marketing efforts are powered by analytics tools such as Google Analytics, which let us track each new development as it relates to your online presence.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the primary method of boosting organic ranking, right after creating great content and having a streamlined, trustworthy website. With that in mind, we have a dedicated team of experienced SEO specialists ready to help your site power its way to the top.


Your content needs to be positioned where it’ll be visible to your audiences. We use the industry’s top search engine optimization tools to ensure your website stays on top of search results. Our SEO experts will create a solid back-end infrastructure which supports web content that search engines love.


We use industry-standard tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and CopyScape to ensure high content relevance, quality, and originality.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media platforms are quickly becoming mainstream search (and marketing) regions. This is where a lot of your potential customers will be, so it makes sense to have social media experts with in-depth SMM knowledge on board.


A good social media campaign creates widespread brand awareness. However, we believe in brand affinity, which comes with more loyal customers, recurring business, and greater revenue. We craft social media strategies that are customized for the right audience, whichever platform they may be on.


Paid Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid search marketing will place your brand at the top of your current and potential customers’ search results. While we believe organic ranking is king, paid marketing is undoubtedly the kingmaker in the online marketing world.


PPC is the fastest way to reach your target audience on any platform. Our paid search experts work with our content teams to analyze the exact keywords your audience uses for search, and base your paid marketing around it. This leads to the ideal positioning of your brand where your customers can see it and are likely to choose it.


Paid Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid search marketing will place your brand at the top of your current and potential customers’ search results. While we believe organic ranking is king, paid marketing is undoubtedly the kingmaker in the online marketing world.


PPC is the fastest way to reach your target audience on any platform. Our paid search experts work with our content teams to analyze the exact keywords your audience uses for search, and base your paid marketing around it. This leads to the ideal positioning of your brand where your customers can see it and are likely to choose it.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a more one-to-one approach to reaching your potential customers. You get to speak directly to your site visitors and engage anyone who shows interest in your product.


An effective email strategy can support your overall marketing plan by adding a valuable customer engagement element to it. Our team creates clear, concise, and compelling messaging that resonates with your potential customers, gradually turning them into qualified leads. Plus, you get to engage customers in real time.


Content Management (CMS)

Your entire online presence and all of your content needs a rock-solid foundation, in the form of a content management system. It’s what allows you to scale your presence and supports content output.


A well-built and managed content foundation can help implement various changes that come with growth and expansion. Even if you drastically alter your business model, a robust CMS system can handle the change without impacting your existing online position.


We use world-class CMS systems such as WordPress and Shopify, with high-level plug-ins such as Yoast and WooCommerce to support site development.


Brand Affinity Growth

While most agencies work on increasing brand recognition (traffic, clicks, impressions, etc.), we believe in building brand affinity (repeat business, referrals, word-of-mouth). It’s much better for the long-term sustainability of a brand.


Our marketing is based on creating, sustaining, and improving brand affinity, instead of just brand awareness. With brand affinity as a goal, we’re able to help businesses build lasting relationships with their customers. This turns customers into marketing assets and creates an additional revenue pipeline.

Why EBS as YOUR Digital Marketing Agency

Whether you’re a startup looking for some help getting your message out there, or a multinational firm looking to break into a new market, we have the design, development, and marketing solutions for you.
Here’s how we produce genuine, measurable results, every time:

Step 1: Identify Problem Areas


We lay out your complete online presence floor plan to identify weak spots in your business marketing framework. Our team looks at your past business performance, marketing returns, and lead-gen numbers to gauge how well you need to do in which areas to reach the desired business goals.


No matter how small or major your marketing problems are, we make sure to identify and classify them in order of importance, and implement creative solutions at the optimal times.

Step 2: Build a Creative Strategy


We brainstorm ideas tailored to your specific needs as a business operating in your particular industry. Considering your existing resources and current priorities, we’re able to figure out how to set up a marketing blueprint that works for your present state of business.


While tried and tested formulas can work, we believe in using creativity as a driving force behind all of our marketing efforts.

Step 3: Follow Through


We create a foundation that you can use to continue increasing reach and returns while minimizing the time and effort you have to put in, every step of the way. Whether you need a one-off social media campaign or a full-fledged online marketing engine, we make sure you get what you pay for.


Our work doesn’t end at your goals, though. We plan far ahead to make sure your assets keep performing long after execution, while you focus on expanding your business horizons.

Why EBS as YOUR Digital Marketing Agency



Talking Numbers and Growth


Our campaigns are based on producing the right numbers and optimal growth. We don’t beat around the bush when it comes to traffic, conversion, and revenue numbers. In fact, we bring them up first thing, along with the full extent of growth you can expect in terms of numbers.


Our clients’ growth is our primary success metric, and we believe in incremental growth over time, instead of one-time spikes. To achieve this, we make sure we forecast your growth based on the data, your goals, and our own ability to help you grow.



Making Marketing Easy


We automate your marketing framework to help you focus on productivity and creating a better product for your customers. Every business can benefit from a robust marketing framework and we create one for you that you can trust with your goals, no matter how big or small.


In addition to simplifying marketing, we believe in constant collaboration and narrowing the gap between marketing and operations. This is why we prefer to work very closely with our clients, which allows us to monitor performance and tweak the strategy in real time. It’s almost like a shortcut to marketing success for our clients!



Combining Tech with Creativity


We use human creativity and ideas, combined with high-level data, dev, and design tech to create a genuinely profitable asset for our clients. In fact, we turn everything we create into an asset, from the strategy to the final product.


By bringing together the best in SEO, data collection, analytics, and software tools, we’re able to help our brands compete on the global online markets in terms of branding. Plus, our creative strategy lets us leverage tech in unique and impactful ways to create maximum value.



Helping Clients Navigate


We assign real people to help guide you through your online growth journey. Whether you need a single social media manager to make your business more visible on social channels, or a full digital marketing team to take you to the top of search results, we have you covered.


Helping our clients navigate allows us to ensure long-term success and a consistent stream of revenue. This way, we’re able to judge where you need additional support or where your business needs additional allocated resources for proper growth.



Get Real-World Results and Upgrade Your Marketing

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